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In compliance with COVID-19 CDC and state guidelines about social distancing, we are moving to an on-line, live streaming worship format. We will NOT gather for our traditional Sunday morning service until further notice.

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Boards of the Church

Executive Board

Board of Deacons

Board of Trustees

Board of Christian Education

Duties of the Boards:

The Executive Board:

Consists of the Moderator, the Pastor, and the chairperson of the following boards: Deacons, Trustees, and Christian Education. The Moderator serves as chairperson. The Executive Board coordinates the work of the church, and considers and recommends policies to the church. It delegates responsibility for actions of the church which do not fall clearly into defined areas of responsibility of church boards and standing committees and, if necessary, creates special committees for specific assignments.

The Executive Board counsels the church staff in all matters not under the jurisdiction of a duly authorized board or standing committee of the church. It can appoint convention or council delegates when the elected and alternate delegates are unwilling or unable to serve. Upon recommendation of a majority of the members of any board or committee of the church, the Executive Board may declare vacant any membership on any committee or board wherein an elected member is unable or unwilling to serve or has left the community without tendering their resignation. The Executive Board may declare vacant by majority vote any church office held by an elected member when in the judgment of the Executive Board, the said office holder is physically or mentally unable to perform the duties of the office or when the office holder has left the community without tendering their resignation.

The Board of Deacons:

Consists of nine (9) members and does in every way assist in the Pastor’s work. The Pastor is an ex-officio member of the board. Together with the Pastor, the board exercises chief responsibility for the services of worship. They provide pulpit supplies. They prepare and assist at the observance of the Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper and the Ordinance of Believer’s Baptism. They assist the Pastor in visitation and counseling.

The Deacons keep a watchful eye over the needy, the sick, and the afflicted in the church and the community, and are ready to render aid. They direct the expenditures of monies from the Fellowship Fund, and a written report of such expenditures will be presented at each regular meeting of the church. The Deacons recommend persons for membership in the church. They periodically review the list of church members considering how the church could best support the Christian growth of both the congregation and of individual members. Each year the board elects a chairperson, secretary and treasurer of the Fellowship fund from its membership and will meet four (4) times a year. A majority of members will constitute a quorum.

The Board of Trustees:

Consists of the Treasurer and six (6) other members. The Pastor is an ex-officio member of the board. The Trustees take charge of all church property, supervise the financial investments of the church and decide for what purpose the church building shall be used, other than for the various activities of the church. The Trustees advise with and assist the Treasurer in collecting and disbursing the money of the church. They keep the church property in repair, and adjust any claims against it. The duties of the board include the employment of the sextons, secretaries, and other employees as designated by vote of the church. It is the duty of this board to supervise ways and means of raising necessary funds for the support of the church and for the benevolences and for the disbursement of these funds as appropriated. At the annual meeting of the church the board submits a proposed budget for the ensuing year. The board gives a full report of its activities to the church at the annual meeting, and at such other times as the church may direct. The board elects a chairperson and a secretary yearly from its membership and will meet regularly. A majority of members will constitute a quorum.

The Board of Christian Education:

Consists of seven (7) members. The position of Sunday School Superintendent is elected annually from the board within its own membership. The Pastor is an ex-officio member of the board. The board is responsible for the organization, administration, and supervision of the entire educational program of the church. It is responsible for developing the educational objectives. The board makes decisions concerning the schedule, educational use of housing and equipment and the addition or elimination of classes or organizations. They are responsible for discovering, enlisting, training, and appointing all church educational workers, including the Superintendent of the church school. For evaluating, determining, and supervising the educational curriculum. For preparing and administering the education budget of the church. Each year the board elects a chairperson and secretary from its membership and will meet regularly. A majority of members will constitute a quorum.