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Welcome to the website of the First Baptist Church of Mansfield. I’m thrilled that you have discovered us on line. Do you realize that you are visiting the website of a church that is over 200 years old? We have not been on line for all that time. If we were… well that would be nothing short of a cyber miracle. But, people have been praying and singing, and worshiping and serving together here at this church for over 200 years. I think that is pretty cool. Now none of us who gather here today have been here for all that time. That too would be nothing short of a miracle. I am very thankful for the saints who have gone before us and lived and served faithfully in this community of faith. We are also well aware that there are people who will be coming after us and we want to live and serve faithfully so that one day they too can browse our website and hopefully come and worship and serve together with this community of faith. And so we strive to communicate the hope and love we have for our Lord Jesus, and for one another.

Through this website we want to give you a glimpse of some of the activities that go on here. But I think it is like those mirrors that say “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”, the things you see on this website are even better in real life. In other words please come out and join us. Come sing and pray and worship and serve with us. There is a place for you in our church community of faith. We want you to be a part of this church. All people are welcome to join us on this journey of faith and we are not perfect people. It is our desire to discover more about God each time we are together, and do our best to follow Jesus. Our history and tradition have helped to make us who we are, but even more, we are a people moving forward. We are always looking for ways to put our faith into action in the world today. We are searching for ways to connect with God, and then have God’s love flow through us to reach out to the people around us, and into the world.

We would love to have you join us for “the ride”!

Peace to you,
Pastor Ron Baker