Youth Mission Trip

Every summer for the past 13 years our church has sponsored a youth mission trip in July. Last year we went to a small town in West Virginia and served with the organization “ World Vision”. We put skirting around a mobile home and also did a few repairs around that home. We made good friends with the homeowner, a very interesting woman named Trudy who uses her mobile home as a shelter for unwanted animals, as well as abused women.

I always come away from these trips hoping that the people we served and worked beside experienced as great a blessing as we did.

Once again this year we are tentatively looking at going back to West Virginia to work with World Vision. We are planning a fund raising spaghetti dinner as well as some other events. Stay tuned, and if you feel like you want to donate some money or help out in any way, please let Pastor Ron know. We hope to raise about $6,000.00.